Cork Yoga Mat

Rs. 2,249.00

Our timeless yoga mat highlights the natural elegance of cork as its centerpiece. This eco-conscious mat not only offers a soft and supportive sensation for your body, but also positively impacts the environment. The recycled cork sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, and is a much better alternative than the synthetic yoga mats in the market.

Our Cork Yoga Mat is made out of recycled and reclaimed cork. It provides comfort while also positively impacting the environment.

Sustainably Sourced Cork, Recyclable Rubber Materials.

Roll it so that the rubber touches the ground, and the cork surface on the top for you to practice yoga asanas.

Our mats are handcrafted from sustainably sourced cork and recycled rubber materials, and it takes up to 2 months to curate one mat. Furthermore, it is safe and free from toxic elements like PVCs, TPEs, or silicone.

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