Cork Yoga Mat

Rs. 2,249.00
Our timeless yoga mat highlights the natural elegance of cork as its centerpiece. This eco-conscious mat not only offers a soft and supportive sensation for your body but also enhances your yoga practice to its fullest potential.

Our Cork Yoga Mat is unique in that it is remarkably resistant to sweat, something that other mats lack since they break down and become uncomfortable when people sweat on them all the time.

Sustainably Sourced Cork, Recyclable Rubber Materials.

Place the smoother side facing the floor and perform your yoga practice on the rougher side.

Our mats are handcrafted from sustainably sourced cork and recycled rubber materials, and it takes up to 2 months to curate one mat. We utilize organic cotton and natural herbs and dyes, ensuring no harm is imposed upon trees in the process. Furthermore, it is safe and free from toxic elements like PVCs, TPEs, or silicone. When you utilize our yoga mat, it's like you are getting an exclusive Ayurvedic treatment.

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