Kheoni, a story of sustainability... An endeavour to bring the most pristine and wellness-promoting natural ingredients, into your skincare and food, like how nature meant it to be. All packed in reclaimed wood, paper and eco-friendly materials by inclusive communities across India done in small batches, and in beautiful settings. It’s like packing a bit of nature into every product. A true gift of wellness and that is what responsible luxury is all about. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a forest to support a village. And one of such small forest in central India, Kheoni, was our source of inspiration. The journey started by supporting a tribal community to prevent forest fires.

We also took it upon ourselves to afforest a piece of a barren hill, Keshar Parvat (biodiversity awarded site now) which involved planting 35k trees and procuring water for the last 7 years. To sustain this site and several such movements across India, Kheoni was born. The idea was to bring the natural way of wellness from such forests and inclusive communities across India in the form of NEVER-BEFORE skin care products and superfoods while supporting the forest. The most pristine and wellness-promoting ingredients are gathered from nature, and packaged in eco-friendly materials by self-help groups to bring together the Kheoni collection.

The indigenous communities inhabiting these parts burn off the forest floor to collect mahua. We recognized the need to eradicate this practice while supporting them and promoting sustainability. Locals were employed for planting herbs and flowering shrubs under these trees’ shade which led to a good produce. With the availability of organic ingredients from the forest, we put together the first few wellness products for Kheoni.

We decided to explore further to bring the goodness of sustainable wellness straight to people’s homes. We travelled all across India to find the highest-quality, ethically sourced ingredients directly from the communities who had been growing them for decades. In this way, our patrons also became benefactors and contributed to the betterment of these groups.

Combining our expertise in eco-friendly designing, packaging and our passion for sustainability has led us to bringing forth a range of products that deliver wellness straight to people’s doorsteps. Mindfulness and wellness positively impact our lives and offer a much needed retreat. Also, we source selectively and conscientiously which ensures sustainability and enables us to offer fair prices to the communities we partner with. This reflects directly in the way our products enhance everyday lives.