Kheoni - From the Forest to You

We are a wellness brand with products inspired by the wilderness

Crafting Wellness

At the heart of Kheoni lies a set of core values that guide our every endeavor. We ensure our products never harm the environment. We source from and support over 60 small sustainable communities across India, offering fair prices. We prioritize inclusivity. Every product is handcrafted and rigorously checked before branding and packaging under Kheoni. We select both cutting-edge and age-old ingredients. To push boundaries and innovation, we include specially picked star ingredients from forests worldwide (such as Finnish moss, in collaboration with top scientists). We foster artisanal and scientific approaches, choosing products that resonate with discerning consumers. Crafted for wellness, each item in our range is designed to bring health and vitality to our customers. We strive to be catalysts for positive change, shaping a society where sustainability and well-being converge.

Kheoni was born out of a need to plant and sustain a forest
Kheoni is a small and pristine jungle of 135 square km, again, in the heart of India.

Fostering carbon-negativity

The Kheoni Wellness brand empowers our responsibility in nurturing nature by helping fund various conservation endeavors. We made it our mission to reforest Keshar Parvat, a barren hill now transformed into a biodiversity haven. Over seven years, we planted 35,000 trees and facilitated water procurement. Our vision extends beyond mere sustenance; we seek to infuse the spirit of forest wellness into communities across India. Through our wellness products and superfoods, selected from the purest ingredients, we champion sustainable practices while empowering local artisans. Each item in the Kheoni collection embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship, community upliftment, and holistic well-being. We even use grass collected from the forest as packaging fillers to ship our products to you!

Advocating harmony

Kheoni, a brand born from the forest, got its name from the 135km² Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled between Indore and Bhopal. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when forest fires ravaged the pristine jungle, we discovered that local communities, driven by the need to sustain their livelihoods, inadvertently sparked these fires while collecting Mahua. With a commitment to both environmental preservation and community well-being, we stepped in as mediators: by advocating sustainable practices and fair trade, we fostered a harmonious balance between nature and society, embodying the essence of the Kheoni name. Five magnificent tigers currently roam the lush landscapes of Kheoni, a testament to our dedication to their protection. The tiger has meaningfully become the symbol of our brand, representing wilderness, prestige and power of action.

Kheoni-a story of sustainability, in every product

Controlling forest fire in kheoni forest

Creating a Forest from Barren Land

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