Kheoni, a beacon of sustainable wellness, not only offers exceptional products but also delivers a unique and eco-conscious unboxing experience through their handcrafted packaging. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is embedded into every facet of their product presentation.

Our packaging begins with beautifully Reclaimed Pinewood Boxes. These handcrafted treasures bring a rustic charm and a second life to a precious resource, all while providing meaningful employment opportunities to tribal communities.

The use of Coconut coir, regenerated from temple Coconuts, speaks volumes about Kheoni's reverence for tradition. This biodegradable material ensures that their packaging aligns seamlessly with their wellness ethos while providing a protective space for their products to be packaged safely in.

The Palm Leaf boxes, handwoven from fallen leaves, are a testament to our commitment to Nature. By using this natural and renewable resource, the brand not only minimizes environmental impact but also recycles already existing discarded ingredients.

Kheoni's packaging incorporates the essence of the brand's tropical roots by fashioning boxes from reclaimed coconut shells. This choice exudes an organic appeal but also contributes to environmental conservation.

We push the boundaries of eco-friendliness with a 35% grass paper organic compost box. This innovative choice underscores our dedication to reducing carbon footprint, ensuring that even our packaging is sustainable from start to finish and can be disposed back into the nature and soil, protecting it.

What truly sets Us apart is their ethos of being completely handmade. By forgoing factories and giving employment to tribal communities, the brand uplifts and empowers those often marginalized. Moreover, the reusability and biodegradability of our packaging align perfectly with the principles of sustainability. In essence, Kheoni's product packaging is a holistic representation of the brand - sustainable, socially responsible, and committed to the well-being of both consumers and the environment. Unboxing a Kheoni product is not just an experience; it's a journey through conscientious craftsmanship and wellness.