Therapeutic Eye PillowTherapeutic Eye Pillow

Therapeutic Eye Pillow

Rs. 1,299.00
Relaxing Rose Eye PillowRelaxing Rose Eye Pillow

Relaxing Rose Eye Pillow

Rs. 1,299.00

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed amount of time limit for the pillow to be put on the eyes. You can place it on however you require.
Our eye pillows have no side effects and are used for the purpose of sole relaxation, so can be used as per one’s needs.
The eye pillow itself is not washable, however, you can remove the cover of the eye pillow wash it gently with your hands, and leave it to dry before putting it back on the pillow and utilizing it.
Just add one or two drops of the essential oil on the pillow directly and then place it on the eyes.
The eye pillow can be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds for warm therapy with a few drops of essential oils or can be put in the freezer for 30 seconds for cold therapy.

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