Kheoni - A Story Of Sustainability

Not very long ago, in a deep dark forest named Kheoni, a man found his calling of afforesting a bare, barren land, Keshar Parbat. Now a biodiversity awarded site, it took 7 years of unconditional labour, love and support to plant 35,000 trees and procure water for the same.

It was in the jungles of Kheoni that we realised it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a forest to support a village.

Kheoni was born out of this very thought of supporting the small indigenous community of the Nandakheda village near the Kheoni Forest. We employed locals to plant herbs and flowering shrubs under the shade of the trees and it led to a good produce. The abundant availability of organic ingredients from the forest and the traditional wellness wisdom of the community led us to put together the first few wellness products for Kheoni.

Just like the wildfire spreads, so did our communities.

Today, we are proud to be associated with amazing indigenous communities across the remote regions of our country bringing their age-old traditional wellness rituals right from their inhabited forest to your homes and lives.

Our endeavour is to bring the goodness of nature into your everyday skincare and food. The Kheoni collection is an exclusive range of skincare products and superfoods that are handcrafted in small batches using sustainably sourced local ingredients by inclusive communities in the beautiful setting of their faraway villages.

The most pristine and wellness-promoting ingredients are gathered from nature, handcrafted into these beautiful products and packaged in eco-friendly materials of reclaimed pinewood, organic cotton, coir by self-help groups to bring together the Kheoni collection.

Our collection is as extensive as our communities.

We have teas from the mountains of Himalayas, honey from the hills of Nilgiris, soaps from the villages of Nagaland and Jharkhand, essential oils, hydrosols and mists from the valleys of Kashmir, healing products made using the God plant of vijaya leaf and hemp sourced again from the Himalayas, perrilla oil from the Northeastern hills, diffuser oils handcrafted from the herbs found in Jharkhand, body butter made of 100% pure kokum found in the Western Ghats.

We also bring you Probiotics Collection with prebiotics, probiotics and active ingredients that is scientifically formulated for all skin types. And, then there is this Sleep Program that offers a range of handcrafted therapeutic eye pillows filled with dried tamarind leaves, ginger, lemongrass, and other aromatic herbs.

And before we forget, our DEP-free Vedic Collection that is simply divine- the incense sticks, dhoop, their soothing aromas just fill the air with purity. We also have soy-wax scented candles, essential oils, perfumes, massage oils and the collection just keep growing and growing with our growing community.

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