Formulated in nature, not in a factory

Our products are gifts of nature that we gather and provide to you in a way that enables you to use them right away rather than being artificially made in a factory.

Made without synthetic materials or additives

Our are formulated with natural, biodegradable and herbal ingredients that are perfectly safe for humans and the environment. These can include things like plant-based cleaning agents, organic fabrics and materials, and natural food ingredients. By choosing our products you can feel confident that they are using products that are better for health and the planet.

It's not harmful to waterways

Our products does not contain any chemicals or substances that can cause harm to aquatic environments or the animals that live in them. This is particularly important because many products used in households and industries can contain toxic chemicals that can seep into waterways through wastewater or runoff, posing a threat to aquatic life and ecosystems.

It’s palm oil-free and only contains sustainably

The production of our products does not have any negative effects on the earth or society. Many foods, personal care, and household goods contain palm oil, but its production can lead to deforestation, habitat destruction, and the eviction of local communities. The use of only sustainably sourced materials and the absence of palm oil in the production process show our dedication to environmental protection and social duty.

It’s often vegan, not tested on animals

Cruelty has never been interesting. At Kheoni, we think that aesthetics shouldn't ever be sacrificed for the sake of animal experimentation. Since then, all of our goods have been cruelty-free. We never test on animals, and we don't let anyone else test for us. We are proud to call those with fins, fur, or feathers our companions. One of the core tenets of who we are is our dedication to using vegan formulas.

Supporting community members

 An essential component of creating a strong and healthy society is providing support for its residents. Our products are made in tiny villages with the assistance of some groups of people rather than in factories.

Innovative & Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging uses minimal resources and may reduce the negative effects on the earth. We use innovative materials such as MDF regenerated-based packaging, Acrylic Recycled Sheets which can also be used for planting cocopeat seeds, Reclaimed pinewood, and other natural materials that can replace traditional packaging materials.

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