Vetiver Hydrosol

Rs. 1,789.00

Net Vol: 150 ml

Nature's stress buster for skin and soul, Kheoni's very own Vetiver Hydrosol. It nurtures tranquility, balances emotions, and enhances skincare. Our hydrosols range is curated specially for an easy-to-use and beneficial purpose of incorporating sustainable skincare into everyone's routine!

Vetiver is a plant known for its ability to relieve stress, help in skin cell regeneration, and boost the growth of new cells. It also effectively reduces scars, blemishes, and marks due to acne, burns or pox by removing dead skin cells from the body.

100% Natural Distilled Vetiver Extracts

For the best and deepest nourishment of your skin, apply on your dry face or other areas that need treatment. Take some quantity onto a cotton ball or spray directly on the skin. Let it set before moisturising.

100% organic ingredients sourced from small farms promoting inclusive development through employment of undermined communities. Packed in glass bottles, and then inside reclaimed pinewood boxes with filling of regenerated coir fiber from temple coconuts. May We Suggest, TRULY HAND-MADE SUSTAINABLE LUXURY!

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