Tribal Forest Honey

Rs. 749.00

The Essence of the Forest: Kheoni's Tribal Honey's Healthful Elixir! This honey is sourced from wild honeybees that create their colonies in trees. It has been collected from the Tribal forests of Kandhamal (Odisha), Nilgiri Forest (Tamil Nadu), and Katarniyaghat Forest (U.P.)

Reason To Love ↓

The Tribal forest honey is enriched with natural pollen, Wide range of natural enzymes & vitamins, Essential minerals, Amino acids, Rich in antioxidants, Great antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

How To Use ↓

Utilize it as a delightful component in your culinary masterpieces, our honey guarantees to enhance your sensory journey and take you to the core of the woodlands.

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