Probiotics Hand & Body Wash

Rs. 569.00

Net Vol: 200 ml

Kheoni Probiotic Hand & Body Wash is a highly advanced yet completely natural biotech product with 19 strains of health-promoting bacteria that will add immunity to the skin microbiome, and protect it from pathogens and pollutants. Every time you take a bath, you boost the healthy protection mechanism of your skin, and also positively impact the drainage systems by increasing the healthy microbe population. Our Probiotic Body Wash is 100% natural, WITHOUT synthetic foaming agents, stabilizers and preservatives like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and colors, and palm oil.


Living microorganisms that can provide various health benefits to the skin, promoting a healthy skin microbiome, helping with acne, soothing dry skin, improving eczema symptoms, and being gentle and non-irritating for all skin types. 


Purified water structured with probiotic ceramic rings, aloe vera juice, probiotics, vegetable glycerine, almond oil, btms-50 (from rapeseed oil), mango butter, neem extract, pomegranate oil, certified rose and bergamot essential oils


What are Probiotics

Probiotics For Your Skin


More importantly, before we launched these products, we were already working towards preservation of natural resources and biodiversity and planted a forest of 35,000 trees on a barren hillock in Central India. We grew the first ingredients for our products on this hillock and were awarded the MP State Biodiversity Award for our efforts. Furthering this cause, we launched the Probiotics range as the products have the ability to directly impact our water bodies and clean them. There's a dire need to make conscious and sustainable lifestyle choices and our mission is to make this convenient for consumers.

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