Nilgiri Forest Honey

Rs. 849.00

Net Vol: 250 gm

Nectar of the Nilgiri Hills, sourced sustainably from Nilgiri Forest, our honey is a testament to the exquisite harmony between nature and sustainable beekeeping. It is harvested sustainably from the hives of the Giant Rock Bee, the largest of the honey bees, using age-old methods by the indigenous communities living around the pristine Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. While extracting this golden elixir from the lush, biodiverse forests of the Nilgiris, they ensure minimal ecological impact. The result is a honey that captures the untamed beauty and purity of the region, delivering unparalleled flavor and benefits.

Each batch of our honey, which always comes from wild hives, captures a distinct period of time in the forest. The color of this bottle of Nilgiri Forest Honey spans a wide spectrum, from a light shade that is nearly clear to amber to a dark shade that is entirely opaque. The color is a result of the nectar gathered from the flowering plants and is not a reflection of its quality.

100% naturally sourced raw honey derived from the Nilgiri Forests.

Utilize it as a delightful component in your culinary masterpieces. Our honey guarantees to enhance your sensory journey and take you to the core of the woodlands.

Sustainably sourced honey in small batches through small village communities, to employ them fairly. The honey is packed in eco-friendly and reusable glass jars.

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