Marigold Attar

Rs. 2,389.00

Net Vol: 3 ml

The Golden Elixir Of Beauty And Wellness The delicate, sweet, and slightly herbal scent with subtle floral undertones makes the aroma of Marigold Attar comforting and uplifting. A fragrant and therapeutic oil derived from the petals of the flowers of marigold, the Genda or Calendula attar is celebrated for its soothing and healing properties. Traditionally produced through steam distillation, the vibrant orange marigold petals are carefully processed to extract their fragrant essence ensuring the preservation of the therapeutic qualities of marigold.

This precious elixir from the garden of nature offers both physical and emotional well-being benefits.

Skincare: The anti-inflammatory properties of our Marigold Attar helps alleviate skin irritations, rashes, and minor burns.

Massage Oil: Dilute with a carrier oil (coconut or almond) for massages to relax the body and relieve muscle tension.

Natural Perfume: Use it as a natural, chemical-free perfume oil.

Hair Care: Add a few drops of Marigold attar to your hair oil or shampoo for delightful smelling hair and other potential scalp health benefits.

Embrace the healing and uplifting qualities of this golden flower to soothe your skin, calm your mind, or enjoy its delightful fragrance.

For Skincare: Dilute with a carrier oil (coconut or jojoba) and apply it to your skin as needed.

For Massage: Mix with a carrier oil for a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience.

For Hair Care: Add a few drops to your shampoo or hair oil.

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