Jasmine Diffuser Oil

Rs. 450.00

Net Vol: 10 ml

Kheoni Diffuser Oil is steam-distilled from pure, sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Add a small quantity to the diffuser to elevate any sleep or relaxation session and to relish the calming and relaxing effects of the fragrance.

Our commitment to sourcing sustainable ingredients ensures that you not only benefit from a high-quality product but also support environmentally responsible practices. The carefully selected blend of elements in this diffuser oil is purposefully crafted to promote relaxation and tranquility, making it an ideal accompaniment to your relaxation routines.

Pure Jasmine Essential Oil.

Dispense this Diffuser Oil into your diffuser apparatus and witness the immediate transformation of your surroundings into a blissful paradise on Earth.

100% organically sourced Jasmine essence hand-crafted promoting inclusive development through employment of undermined communities that are packed in reusable glass bottles for waste reduction.

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