Jasmine Natural Attar

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Net Vol: 3 ml

Jasmine Natural Attar: The Essence of Timeless Beauty.

Celebrated for its rich, intoxicating floral scent, the Mogra or Chameli attar is a luxurious natural perfume derived from the blossoms of the jasmine flower. Cherished for its exquisite fragrance, our Jasmine Attar has this warm and sensuous fragrance that evokes feelings of romance and serenity. Traditionally crafted through the ancient technique of steam distillation, the delicate flowers of jasmine are sustainably sourced and carefully processed to capture their fragrant oil.

With sweet, floral, and slightly fruity notes, our Jasmine Attar has the power to uplift your spirit, evoke feelings of love and sensuality, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Jasmine Essential Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Vegetable Carrier Oil

Just apply a small amount of the product to your pulse points, and rub lightly to activate the aroma then enjoy the long-lasting fragrance of the attar throughout the day.

This product is hand-crafted and packed in hand made cloth pouch and then in an eco-friendly box, reducing unnecessary waste and plastic pollution. Our ingredients are locally sourced, promoting small-scale farming and sustainable agriculture.

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