Black Cocoa Soap with Shea Butter - 100% NATURAL

Rs. 849.00

Net Vol: 150gm

Kheoni brings the 100% natural Traditional African black soap to India. WORLD'S MOST SUSTAINABLE SOAP with natural saponification.  The soap uses natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Pure Cocoa Extract, and Natural Fragrance (Cocoa). The Shea Butter additive helps in cleansing and moisturizing, leaving the skin glowing and supple. 

Sourced and IMPORTED, straight from the villages of Ghana, Cocoa Pod Ash, is a great source of antioxidants that combat free radicals and prevent premature aging. It contains vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Cocoa; together they work as a natural scrub-enhancing blood flow and glow on the skin. Raw shea butter acts as a natural moisturizer, soothes inflammation, has anti-aging properties, promotes skin healing, and provides sun protection. It’s one of the most versatile and effective bar for improving the health and appearance of the skin.

This soap is cherished like a treasured secret whispered from generation to generation. Its allure lies not only in the nourishing embrace of natural ingredients like raw shea butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and cocoa pods but also in the healing touch of Aloe Vera, akin to nature's own balm. Imagine it as the custodian of ancient wisdom, a sage among soaps, for it cleanses with the purity of a mountain stream and moisturizes like a gentle rain shower, leaving your skin aglow with its newfound vitality.

Black Soap Base, Shea Butter, Pure Cocoa Extract, Phyllanthus Niruri, Azadirachta Indica, RO Purified Water, Natural Fragrance (Cocoa)

Create a lather by rubbing the bar in between your hands and massaging it all over your skin for smooth cleansing before rinsing it off thoroughly.

This Soap is Hand-crafted with no Lye and ethically sourced ingredients. It is hand-packed in eco-friendly butter paper and then in reclaimed pine wood boxes, taking the initiative to minimize waste and pollution.

Customer Reviews

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Vishal Kumar
Overall, the Black Cocoa Soap is a standout product.

It not only delivers a superb cleansing experience but also pampers your senses with its delightful fragrance and leaves your skin feeling nourished and cared for. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you're looking for a soap that combines luxury with sustainability.

Khayal Garg
Amazing Soap

I have never use such a nice soap in my life. This is natural plus getting very good results on skin.

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