Solid Perfumes Pack

Rs. 1,298.00

This Solid Perfumes Pack contains a combination of natural ingredients and premium essential oils, carefully formulated to produce exclusive and enduring fragrances. The small and convenient perfume tins make it easy to apply, making it a perfect companion for your everyday journeys and trips. 

1. Lavender Solid Perfume - Indulge your senses in the calming embrace of Lavender Solid Perfume. This luxurious and portable fragrance captivates with the enchanting essence of fresh lavender fields, offering a soothing and long-lasting fragrant experience. Unveil the beauty of lavender in a new form with this exquisite solid perfume.

2. Jasmine Solid Perfume - Introducing Jasmine Solid Perfume, an enchanting fragrance captured in a convenient, travel-friendly form. Infused with the delicate and alluring essence of jasmine flowers, this solid perfume offers a sensual and captivating aroma that lingers throughout the day. With its easy application, you can enjoy the timeless charm of jasmine wherever you go. 

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