Artisanal Handcut Soap Gift Pack ( 3 Bars )

Rs. 999.00
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1 Neem Bar
1 Multani Mitti Bar
1 Cinnamon & Coconut Bar

Packed in a recycled paper gift box

Kheoni Luxury Cleansing Bars are formulated and enriched with select ingredients which gently cleanse and moisturise the skin while gently alleviating acne, wrinkles, blemishes and dryness.

Neem Bar is enriched with pure neem oil and vitamin E with antiseptic, anti-ageing and skin-detox properties.

Multani Mitti Bar gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin while removing excess oil and conditioning the skin for better repair.

Cinnamon & Coconut Bar moisturises the skin and anti-oxidants treat signs of ageing like wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin-tone.

Experience the goodness of natural ingredients which make these great everyday bathing bars that will leave you rejuvenated with clear, supple skin and dewy freshness.

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