Frangipani Scented Candle - Cement Jar

Rs. 749.00

The essence of Frangipani, also known as Champa, is among the most delightful and captivating fragrances known to exist. It strikes the perfect chord, instantly bestowing happiness upon you. Its ability to elevate your mood and keep you content throughout the day is truly remarkable. When you light these candles, you'll be enveloped by the enchanting aroma of Champa, experiencing its transformative effect on your well-being. Let the magic of Champa unfold and enhance your senses as you bask in its soothing embrace.


CAUTION: Always store in a cool, dark place. Set the candle on heat-resistant surfaces only. Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving the room. Don't burn near things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Don't extinguish with water. Always let the wax harden before relighting, touching or moving.

These candles are made from hand-poured vegan soy wax which is 100% nontoxic and has a double burning capacity compared to any normal candle. The fragrance of these candles will awaken your senses and have a therapeutic effect on your body.

Soy Wax, Fragrance

Step 1: Light up the candle.

Step 2: Let the fragrance work its magic.

100% organic ingredients naturally infused in soy wax instead of paraffin wax and packed with Eco-cement Reutilisation for longevity saving up to 75% CO2 emissions.

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