Jasmine Lip Balm

Rs. 249.00

Net Vol: 5 g

Experience nature's elegance on your lips Our all-natural jasmine lip balm infused with the enchanting essence of real jasmine extracts and meticulously blended with pure, wholesome ingredients is your ticket to deep hydration and softness. The captivating floral touch lets your lips luxuriate in the beauty of nature's delicate bloom.

Infused with the captivating scent of jasmine, this lip balm creates a sensory experience that soothes the lips while awakening the senses. Intensive Hydration: Jasmine Lip Balm provides a moisture boost that prevents dryness, chapping, and flakiness, ensuring your lips stay soft and mositurized. Natural Elegance: Infused with real jasmine extracts, our lip balm offers the subtle, delightful fragrance of blooming flowers. With every application you dive into a fragrant journey. Daily Lip Care: For soft and supple lips make it a part of your daily lip care routine. Apply whenever your lips need a touch of hydration, whether it's morning, noon or night. Nature's Beauty Secret: Celebrated for its skin-soothing properties, using Jasmine Lip Balm is like embracing the beauty wisdom of generations past.

This botanical symphony delivers deep hydration, making it an ideal choice for soft, luscious lips. Dab a small amount of our Jasmine Lip Balm onto your clean lips Ensuring even coverage, gently massage the balm into your lips using your fingertips Enjoy the soothing sensation as it absorbs Use as often as desired

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