Probiotic Lavender Active Bath Bar

Rs. 499.00

Net Vol: 90gm

Kheoni's Probiotic Lavender Active Bath Bar is a highly advanced yet completely natural biotech product with 19 strains of health-promoting bacteria that will add immunity to the skin microbiome, and protect it from pathogens and pollutants. Our exceptionally gentle skin care Active Bath Bar is suitable for every skin type. It offers significant advantages in eliminating microbiological impurities, naturally controlling body odor, and helping to improve various skin conditions. 

Infusing good bacteria in your skincare has never been easier than now—experience how good bacteria lowers inflammation and stimulates cell renewal. Embrace the smoothest skin texture with the naturally extracted aroma of Lavender Active Bath Bar that not only cleanses but also is a great bath time buster and helps fight acne, along with protecting from radicals and harmful environmental factors leaving soft, moisturized, and clean skin.

Our Probiotic Lemongrass Active Bath Bar is 100% natural, without synthetic foaming agents, stabilizers and preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and colors, and NO palm oil. It also does not contain any commonly used chemicals in the cosmetic industry that are harmful to humans and the environment.

Saponified Edible Coconut Oil, Purified and Structured Water with Probiotic Ceramic Rings, Probiotics, Certified Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Create a lather by rubbing the soap on your hands before applying it to your skin. Massage the lather properly for cleansing before rinsing it off thoroughly.

Almost everything with Probiotics is regenerative, making it the epitome of sustainability. We refrain from the utilization of Palm oils and Soap Nut plantations as they lead to deforestation of green lands, and instead incorporate naturally extracted essential oils in our specific probiotic products. Our probiotics soaps are hand-crafted and packed in boxes made from eco-friendly reclaimed paper compost and pulp.  It's important to note that, while a fermentation process is involved, these products are not enzyme-based.

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