Pure Flower Hydrosol
Pure Flower Hydrosol
Lemon & Tea Tree Body LotionLemon & Tea Tree Body Lotion

Lemon & Tea Tree Body Lotion

Rs. 1,249.00
Aloe Rose Lip BalmAloe Rose Lip Balm

Aloe Rose Lip Balm

Rs. 549.00
Sea Buckthorn Face SerumSea Buckthorn Face Serum

Sea Buckthorn Face Serum

Rs. 1,849.00
Lime & Lemon Liquid Castile SoapLime & Lemon Liquid Castile Soap

Lime & Lemon Liquid Castile Soap

Rs. 649.00
Lavender Liquid Castile SoapLavender Liquid Castile Soap

Lavender Liquid Castile Soap

Rs. 649.00
Rose Hand WashRose Hand Wash

Rose Hand Wash

Rs. 649.00
Rose Lemon Orange Body ScrubRose Lemon Orange Body Scrub

Rose Lemon Orange Body Scrub

Rs. 1,675.00
Cocoa Shea Butter Bath Gel

Cocoa Shea Butter Bath Gel

Rs. 1,459.00
Herbal Tooth CareHerbal Tooth Care

Herbal Tooth Care

Rs. 349.00
Jasmine Solid PerfumeJasmine Solid Perfume

Jasmine Solid Perfume

Rs. 549.00
Midnight Radiance SerumMidnight Radiance Serum

Midnight Radiance Serum

Rs. 2,399.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Khayal sunscreen contains Zinc Oxide, reflecting UVA and UVB rays without skin absorption. Though it may initially leave a light white cast, gentle and thorough massage ensures proper absorption, preventing any visible residue.
Phenoxyethanol, a stabilizing preservative, is used in cosmetics to preserve products from microbes and we have used it as per limits set by regulations (less than 1% concentration). Shata Dhauta Ghrita has 0.7% of phenoxyethanol, which is under safe limits.
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a natural white pigment in cosmetics, offering brightness and opacity to lip tints. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deems it safe as a color additive, including eye cosmetics. Whereas, In cosmetics since the early 1900s, refined iron oxides, inorganic compounds of iron and oxygen, enhance color and appearance. Although natural varieties pose contamination risks, only synthesized and refined types are legally used due to safety concerns. Iron oxides are considered safe, non-toxic, and well-tolerated even by those with sensitive skin.

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